About Body Architects

Who we are..What defines us...

From the moment you join, you recognize the innovation put into our personal fitness and group training environment.

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Group Fitness

Motivation in numbers...

The Group & Bootcamp Style classes are a great way to increase your fitness level, tone up, and burn fat.

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Personal Training

Your own personal Body Architect...

Body Architect's trainers work with each member, designing each workout around your specific needs, goals, and abilities.

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Semi Private Training

Cost Effective Camaraderie...

Smaller group exercise offers many benefits such as greater personal attention to correct each individual class member.

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Welcome to Body Architects



“Our mission at Body Architects is to empower you to become as strong, healthy, confident and unstoppable you can be through motivation, education, and our commitment to lead by example.”
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Our Services

At Body Architects We Have Something For Everybody


Personal training is one on one instruction on health and fitness designed with an individual approach that allows trainers to work with all levels of participants.

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Small Group Exercise offers many benefits such as more personal instruction that’s not always able in larger classes.

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To be announced soon! A revolutionary circuit style workout involving Kickboxing, Strength & Athletic Training, Functional Movement, and Mobility.

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Body Architects introduces a wonderful way to bring some yin into your yang, some flow to your strength.

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Yoga is a time-proven practice that opens a gateway for individuals to achieve all aspects of fitness – be it physical, mental or emotional health you’re seeking.

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Helping children learn the benefits of hard work and discipline at a time where habits like these are essential to becoming a strong, responsible adult.

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This program is designed to teach individuals the ability to unlock their inner athlete, which exists in everyone who is willing to commit to the challenge of improving themselves.

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Our Trainers

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  • Luc
    Age: 25
  • Melissa
    Age: 30
    Rank: Personal Trainer
  • Ryan Ellis
    Age: 42
    Rank: Owner / Trainer