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Start reaching your personal goals today!

At Body Architects you will find our approach to personal training and group fitness leading edge and highly motivating.

Body Architects is an Edmonton-based gym and private personal training facility that is focused on helping individuals and groups reach their fitness goals. We specialize is providing a customized personal training experience for all fitness levels based on a full assessment of body mechanics, lifestyle and overall goals.

Body Architects provides a gym culture and facility like no other.

From the moment you step through our doors you recognize the creative and innovative thought that went into developing our personal fitness and group training environment. An environment that is specifically designed to fit the training methodologies and styles of our trainers. And our trainers are spectacular at what they do.


Our Services

At Body Architects We Have Something For Everybody


Personal training is one on one instruction on health and fitness designed with an individual approach that allows trainers to work with all levels of participants.

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Small Group Exercise offers many benefits such as more personal instruction that’s not always able in larger classes.

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Enjoy a variety of classes that provide an effective workout to build cardiovascular endurance.

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Yoga is a time-proven practice that opens a gateway for individuals to achieve all aspects of fitness – be it physical, mental or emotional health you’re seeking.

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Helping children learn the benefits of hard work and discipline at a time where habits like these are essential to becoming a strong, responsible adult.

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This program is designed to teach individuals the ability to unlock their inner athlete, which exists in everyone who is willing to commit to the challenge of improving themselves.

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Our Trainers

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