1-on-1 Personal Training


Personal training is one on one instruction on health and fitness designed with an individual approach that allows trainers to work with all levels of participants, be it high performance athletes, injury rehabilitation or the average person looking to enhance their workouts for maximum performance.

Body Architects personal trainers work with each person on an individual basis, designing each workout around your specific needs, goals and abilities. Our high level of professionalism, knowledge and experience as certified personal trainers ensures that your custom workout will take your strength, fitness and drive to a whole new level while providing safe and effective exercises to achieve your goals.

The Body Architects 5 Step Plan for your Fitness, Health, and Wellness Program
1- Free Consultation:

Where you meet with one of our coaches to discuss your specific goals, existing health issues & check out our facility to find out if Body Architects is the right place for you!

2- Comprehensive Personal Fitness Assessment:

The importance of a proper fitness assessment cannot be understated as this provides us with much more than simple girth & body-fat measurements, but provides us with a physiological map of where your body is at right now! Assessing strength, flexibility, range-of-motion, cardiovascular & metabolic conditioning allows us to design the best & safest program for you!

3- Program Design:

Based on your personal goals & fitness level, your Body Architect designs a program for you to both challenge your body & mind while keeping you safe & increasing your energy! Reaching your goals has never felt so good!

4- Continuous Eight-Week Re-Assessments:

Marking progress provides two very important components of your health & fitness plan: (i) it provides a clear picture of your progress & (ii) helps keep you motivated by your continued success!

5- A healthier, fitter, happier you!

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