Group Fitness Classes

Beach-Ready Bootcamp


Group fitness class suitable for all fitness levels, involving a combination of functional movement training, aerobic conditioning, and coaching of ideal lifting technique through a variety of movement!

If you’re looking for an affordable fitness class running once each week to provide you with fresh ideas for your own workouts and receive semi-private coaching to get the most out of your time in the gym, this is your fit!

60 min of circuit-style training that will have you sweating and feeling a burn in muscles that you may not have even known that you had!

Discount available for staff working in the restaurant industry!

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Hour Of Power


Learn self-control and build confidence with body sharpening physical skills. This program is designed to teach individuals the ability to unlock their inner athlete, which exists in everyone who is willing to commit to the challenge of improving themselves. Using tools from boxing, kickboxing and strength training, participants are taught how to train like a true competitor. Starting with basic foundation building technique that will develop into a skillful move set that exceeds what is thought to be the limit of individual capability.

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Tactical Fitness Group Training


This is a workout like no other. Perfect training option for those preparing for Spartan, Tough Mudder, Sealfit, or K44Fit competitions!

If Cross Training, Athletic Performance Training and Functional Training somehow had an offspring .. this would be it. Designed to challenge beginners, as well as the performance athlete!

This class focuses on motivating you to push yourself in a group dynamic with like-minded individuals. Touching on everything from weightlifting to bodyweight strength, ballistic and plyometric work. Heavy emphasis will also be placed on muscle maintenance and joint mobility in an effort to prevent injury and keep you training more, and hurting less!

Learn exciting new movement and skills, push these skills to the max, and see your fitness and physique reach new heights! Always looking to add fresh faces to our Tactical Fitness Team!

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Body Architects introduces a wonderful way to bring some yin into your yang, some flow to your strength.
We get so caught up in the go, go, go that we sometimes forget to pay attention to what matters and enjoying the moment as it passes. Learning how to connect body and mind gives the moments meaning. Adding yoga into you weekly workout routine can help in so many ways!!
Yoga is for anyone and everyone, if you can’t touch your toes even better.
We focus on breath, which relaxes the mind and helps the body release, also balance, strength and flexibility. Corporate Yoga – We come to you!

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