Personal Approach

Tyson has a strong belief that everyone can be an athlete. All that is required is the will and discipline to push your mind and your body past what you believed to be your limit. A determined focus to stay consistent, and look for improvements in every area of fitness and health, will guarantee that you will always be in the best condition for whatever physical or mental battles life throws your way. As human beings we all have limitless physical potential, Tyson’s goal is to help you realize it!

  • Certified Personal Trainer – 6 years
  • Taekwondo Black Belt (Trained for 7 years)
  • Current Muay Thai/Kickboxing competitor (Training for 7 years)
  • Worked as an athletic coach for a number of high school football and basketball teams
  • Trained Taekwondo Black Belts for Olympic qualification bouts
  • Prepared a number of professional fighters, in Kickboxing and MMA, for their fights at various stages in their career