Rarely does one have a truly life altering experience but my decision to begin to train with Body Architects has undeniably altered my life for the better.

My journey began in September of 2014 at the age of 54. While I had historically prided myself in being a strong athlete I had become progressively more sedentary with time. I had allowed myself to succumb to the belief that I was “too busy” and “too tired” to make a commitment to work out. In fact, while I had always loved sports, I believed that I would simply hate “just working out”.

Over the years, I had gradually gained weight andfound myself weighing 299 pounds. While 6’5″ tall and able to carry more weight because of that, I was no longer able to deny the reality that I was, simply put, fat. I had lost pride in my appearance and felt like I was aging rapidly. I showed up at Body Architects in September, 2014 with a recently torn rotator cuff sustained in a failed attempt to return to playing tennis. I was at a low ebb but had finally accepted the reality that continuing on my then present path was almost certainly end in premature death. I could no longer ignore that my father had died at the age of 56 from a heart attack.

Ryan immediately impressed me as not only someone who was deeply committed to excellence in his field but also a genuinely kind and caring person who was equally  committed to creating real difference in people’s lives.

At our first meeting we set goals. These included losing 60 pounds by the following June – something that almost inconceivable to me – and being able to do pull ups. Given that I had, literally, never done a single pull up in my life, the latter seemed impossible. From the beginning, and indeed to this day, Ryan created a varied program crafted to my specific needs. We worked around my injured shoulder before beginning to actively rehabilitate it. While we were at it, we rehabilitated an old left shoulder injury that I had  literally struggled with for over 20 years. All the while I had complete confidence in  Ryan’s expertise and his impressive knowledge of human physiology. While he worked me hard in our work outs, I neither sustained new injuries nor aggravated existing ones. I also found the work outs to be very challenging, constantly different (and thus never boring or routine) and lots of fun. The latter flat out surprised me.

Importantly, Ryan also gave me very specific, and very effective, advice on diet and nutrition. He is an obvious student in the subject matter.

Bob Black,

In January of 2015 we decided to finally make a huge lifestyle change. We were out of shape, and overweight, and knew that without making serious changes, we were going to being going down the road of illness and disease. To start with, we hired Ryan at Body Architects. He assessed our physical fitness and formulated the plan to improve it. He encouraged us to address our fitness, but also to look at our poor eating habits. He challenged us to give up some of those bad foods ASAP, as well as really embrace exercise. He helped set our three month goals, and when those were achieved, set new ones, raising the bar every time. This included ways to improve our fitness away from our training sessions as well. After 13 months we have achieved a combined weight loss of 80 lbs. Ryan helped us get passionate about fitness, and that led us to want to sustain ourselves with nutritious food. It’s been the most incredible life-altering journey, and we couldn’t have succeeded without Ryan’s guidance, reassurance and encouragement.

Dee (Age 47 – lost 47 lbs) & Greta (Age 47 -lost 33 lbs)

Dee & Greta,

When I first started with Body Architects, with Ryan as my trainer, I was looking for more flexibility, and a 15 pound weight loss. Never did I imagine that I would be competing through the Alberta Body Building association at the age of 45. Ryan pushes you to exceed your self imposed limits and expectations, and to embrace being all that you can be. I’m stronger, leaner , and more fit than I was in my 20’s. I have been working out for 30 years and I never imagined I could have the body I have now. I assumed as a mother of 3, that there was a limit to how much my body would cooperate. Not only did Ryan transform me, but he made it completely “user friendly” to do so with my schedule. His extensive knowledge with respect to diet and training is second to none. His encouragement and dedication make you want to strive to be the best you can be! I cannot say enough about how positive my life is since joining Body Architects and training with Ryan. I’m healthy, happy and excited for the future.