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Rarely does one have a truly life altering experience but my decision to begin to train with Body Architects has undeniably altered my life for the better.

My journey began in September of 2014 at the age of 54. While I had historically prided myself in being a strong athlete I had become progressively more sedentary with time. I had allowed myself to succumb to the belief that I was “too busy” and “too tired” to make a commitment to work out. In fact, while I had always loved sports, I believed that I would simply hate “just working out”.


Over the years, I had gradually gained weight and found myself weighing 299 pounds. While 6’5″ tall and able to carry more weight because of that, I was no longer able to deny the reality that I was, simply put, fat. I had lost pride in my appearance and felt like I was aging rapidly. I showed up at Body Architects in September, 2014 with a recently torn rotator cuff sustained in a failed attempt to return to playing tennis. I was at a low ebb but had finally accepted the reality that continuing on my then present path was almost certainly end in premature death. I could no longer ignore that my father had died at the age of 56 from a heart attack.


Ryan immediately impressed me as not only someone who was deeply committed to excellence in his field but also a genuinely kind and caring person who was equally  committed to creating real difference in people’s lives.


At our first meeting we set goals. These included losing 60 pounds by the following June – something that was almost inconceivable to me – and being able to do pull ups. Given that I had, literally, never done a single pull up in my life, the latter seemed impossible. From the beginning, and indeed to this day, Ryan created a varied program crafted to my specific needs. We worked around my injured shoulder before beginning to actively rehabilitate it. While we were at it, we rehabilitated an old left shoulder injury that I had  literally struggled with for over 20 years. All the while I had complete confidence in  Ryan’s expertise and his impressive knowledge of human physiology. While he worked me hard in our work outs, I neither sustained new injuries nor aggravated existing ones. I also found the work outs to be very challenging, constantly different (and thus never boring or routine) and lots of fun. The latter flat out surprised me.


Importantly, Ryan also gave me very specific, and very effective, advice on diet and nutrition. He is an obvious student in the subject matter.


~Bob Black~

BOB's Testimonial

It's been a long time since I felt his strong!

I cannot recommend this team of trainers enough.
I'm a mother of 2 small kids and was convinced that I did not have time to train or reach my personal fitness goals. Ryan and the team helped me to find the space, they helped me to navigate my mind, body and approach to food and put me on a path to success that surprises and delights me every day.

Every day I get stronger and reap the rewards of their dedication towards making me a healthier, happier, more patient, and focused human.

~Lisa Jane Kellerman~

Lisa Jane Kellerman

I love the guys at Body Architects. They are wonderfully welcoming people that listen and are more than just trainers. They pushed me when I needed it,  and we're there when I needed to let off some steam/vent as well. I've done a complete 180 from when I first started working out with them till now and I am seeing results. Thank you guys a lot.


~Taylor Verwindt~

Jason and Lia

We interviewed Body Architects after my husband and I started to notice new aches and pains. We met Ryan and were instantly impressed by his experience and passion.

Our goals were to find experts who could help keep our injuries at bay and get us back on track. We train under Luc and are also blown away with his knowledge (Kinesiology degree) and his motivating positive personality. With some help from physio experts and their tactical approach in working with our injuries, we are almost back to 100%.

While my husband and I have opposite goals- He wants to bulk, and I want to lean out- Luc does a fantastic job of balancing our goals in our private sessions. Being able to train together with these differences in goals allows us to still spend our time together; rather than at 2 different gyms or different training times. This is now considered our new' date night' with the best 3rd wheel you could ask for in LUC.


If you are looking for educated trainers who live, breath and dream fitness- A gym that makes you feel like family, and a team that motivates and inspires- Then look no further.


~Jason and Lia~

Body Architects is like no other gym I’ve been in. All the trainers are so welcoming and they make working out fun and not intimidating. I can’t imagine trusting my fitness and personal health goals to anyone else!

~Allison Nowoselsky~

I joined Body Architects in December 2016. As a former athlete I figured I could keep up with my dad who had been training with Ryan for a number of years; what a testament to both Ryan and my dad that he was completely outclassed me.

I came with the goal of getting back into shape since my career forces me to be more sedentary than I was used to, but BA helped me go far beyond that.

Yes I am now probably in the best shape of my life, but Ryan & Luc have also helped me correct poor back posture that could have easily led to complications down the road, they have reinforced healthy eating, the importance of sleep, natural supplementation, recovery and joint mobility (not just more weight). They have helped to shape my life and overall health, not just the way my body looks.


One of the things I love most about BA is the community; the monthly challenges, training with like-minded people, group events like Spartan Races and 12-Hour Crucibles. These are the things that forge friendships and accountability, and make the tough work you put in the gym unbelievably enjoyable.


Sometimes I think about where my life and my health would be had I not made the commitment to joining BA; I likely would have continued what I was doing, a few classes and gym sessions here and there and would have struggled to maintain the shape I was in. I would have cycled through good and bad eating habits. I very likely would have ended up with back problem and issues with other joints and muscle groups due to poor posture and improper technique while going through movements.


Bottom line is that BA is more than just a gym or some great trainers, it is a community and a family that helps each and every member to optimize their health, wellness, body, and life. Love you guys!


~Kyle Kuzyk~

Kyle Kuzyk

These guys rule! I first contacted them after injuring my back again in August and am extremely happy I did. Dealing with disc injuries and a bad back from years of poor posture at work had really caught up to me and I was sick and tired of suffering.


I explained all of my issues and goals to Luc and Ryan and they have been a great deal of help. I have less to almost no back pain now and I feel great(losing almost ten pounds in less than two months has helped too)!


If you’re looking for a friendly positive and motivating gym to train at this is the place. 


~Richard Harding~

Richard Harding

I have been at Body Architects for a little over a year now. The space may not appear large but believe me, it has all of the equipment you will ever need.


Both trainers Ryan Ellis and Luc Mercier are well trained and very knowledgeable. They take a personal interest in you achieving your goals whether it is weight loss, conditioning or both. In my short time there, Luc has helped me to lose 20 lbs and worked with me to heal and then strengthen a shoulder injury. We are now working on conditioning.


No matter your health/workout goals, Body Architects is the place to achieve them and Luc and Ryan are the guys to help you get there. I cannot be happier that I made that decision to join Body Architects.




Luc has been my personal trainer for about 5 months now. I was a little intimidated in the beginning. You think, going in, that everyone is in better shape than you, know more than you etc. I quickly learned this is not the case. They treat me like family here.


On one hand, Luc is my personal trainer. He has completely transformed my body, my mindset, and my expectations of myself.


On the other hand, he has a background in Kinesiology. I have some old injuries, and I find Luc and Ryan are fantastic at making sure none of these are an issue and have built strength around all my shortfalls. I have never had anyone pay specific attention to everything I do physically. We are constantly working on my posture, my bad habits, and they are turning me into something respectable!

I am a total believer in this gym, these systems, and would recommend to anyone who is looking make a positive change in their life. This is the place to be.




David Woolger

In January of 2015, we decided to finally make a huge lifestyle change. We were out of shape, and overweight, and knew that without making serious changes, we were going to be going down the road of illness and disease.


To start with, we hired Ryan at Body Architects. He assessed our physical fitness and formulated the plan to improve it. He encouraged us to address our fitness, but also to look at our poor eating habits. He challenged us to give up some of those bad foods ASAP, as well as really embrace exercise. He helped set our three-month goals, and when those were achieved, set new ones, raising the bar every time. This included ways to improve our fitness away from our training sessions as well.


After 13 months we have achieved a combined weight loss of 80 lbs. Ryan helped us get passionate about fitness, and that led us to want to sustain ourselves with nutritious food. It’s been the most incredible life-altering journey, and we couldn’t have succeeded without Ryan’s guidance, reassurance and encouragement.


~Dee (Age 47 – lost 47 lbs) & Greta (Age 47 -lost 33 lbs)~

 Dee & Greta,

DEE & GRETA Testimonial

When I first started with Body Architects, with Ryan as my trainer, I was looking for more flexibility and a 15-pound weight loss. Never did I imagine that I would be competing through the Alberta Body Building association at the age of 45.


Ryan pushes you to exceed your self imposed limits and expectations and to embrace being all that you can be. I’m stronger, leaner, and more fit than I was in my 20’s. I have been working out for 30 years and I never imagined I could have the body I have now.


I assumed as a mother of 3, that there was a limit to how much my body would cooperate. Not only did Ryan transform me, but he made it completely “user-friendly” to do so with my schedule. His extensive knowledge with respect to diet and training is second to none. His encouragement and dedication make you want to strive to be the best you can be!


I cannot say enough about how positive my life is since joining Body Architects and training with Ryan. I’m healthy, happy and excited for the future.



Korey Testimonial

My experience with Body Architects isn’t even body driven… but I will tell you that my experience with Ryan, Luc, and the whole Body Architects' mindset was very empowering.


Never have I met a team and intention so nurturing towards helping you reach your goals. Their patience yet their persistence in creating within you a genuine will-power is something I will always be grateful for. Their knowledge is beyond words… however, more than anything… their kindness and want for you to succeed is next level. 


Working with them was definitely the key that took me to the next level. Their absolute respect and love for each human individually are what makes them the key to optimizing each and every human's performance. 


~Mercedes Treeter~

Mercede Treeter

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