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Do Shoes Really Affect Your Performance?

The answer is YES! That is why we see Runners, Cross Trainers, Court Shoes and the list goes on and on! Depending on the athletic voyage you are immersed in, it should dictate what is on your feet.


Picking The Right Shoe for the Job!

  • Activity

  • Foot Shape

  • Arch Control/Support

  • Income


Break down the activity so that you can understand exactly what you are asking of your body. Every sport/activity differs and requires different adaptations. Take Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting for example. Very similar sports that involve max effort lifts, but why do they wear different shoes? In order to understand this, let's look at their shoe game.

Olympic Shoes: Very Flat, with a wedge (added heel raise) wide toe cap.

Powerlifting shoes: Common shoe is the Chuck Tailor. Also very flat but has a narrow toe cap.

Which shoe would be better for max lifts?

If you guessed Olympic shoes you would be correct! Feet are very important tools when performing activities involving your legs. These activities require Balance, Stability and Force Production.

Optimize your Lifts

Having a squishy shoe that jams your toes together like your Chucks do, does not actually help with any of the above techniques. Ideally we want to spread our toes to gain a large base of support which translates to more ground force production, leading to more powerful lifts, and in time, makes for a heavier, stronger lift.

** This is just one example of how every sport is unique and can benefit from proper attire**


Coach Cauy Bell

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