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Hitting Training Plateaus? Lets Revisit "Overload"

It’s all about moving forward… Moving the needle in the right direction. For many of us we slowly lose momentum and hit ceilings preventing us from achieving our goals. If this sounds like you, or you experienced this in the past there are ways around those pesky plateaus!

Here’s how!

The number one rule is the law of progressive overload. What that means is your training and external stress to your muscles has to grow and adapt with your progression. To use a bodybuilding phrase, “ you need to shock the muscles”. What they are referring to is that slowly but frequently you need to keep adding stress to your muscles to keep building size, strength and stamina.

Adding Stress can come in many different forms depending on your goals and style. Plateaus occur when our bodies adapt to our training intensity and we no longer reach a threshold to do positive damage. We need to break our muscles down when we exercise and rebuild a little bit stronger each time we recover by sleep,hydration and nutrition.

Ways to Create Progressive Overload:

  1. Higher Rep Range

  2. Less Rest Times between Sets

  3. Heavier Loads

  4. Negatives/Eccentric Phase ( Time Under Tension)

  5. Super and Giant sets ( Multiple Exercises with Zero Rest)

Try incorporating 1 or multiple of these variations into your programming and continue to crush goal after goal!

Coach Cauy Bell

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