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Programming Is Your Roadmap To Achieve Your Goals

Why is Programming an important part of exercise?

As trainers we use the term ‘programming’ lots but what is it and what does it mean for you?

Programming can be broken down and explained in many ways so I’ll make this simple.

Phases, cycles or training blocks are all used in multi-week fashion to focus on a specific training type ie. hypertrophy, strength, endurance or power. These are the 4 basic training types and all programs can be related back to one or more of them however it is very hard to work on more than one of these at a time. As trainers it’s part of our job to ensure you, the client, are working on the appropriate phase at the appropriate time.

This may sound complicated but it is very simple when broken down! We create a program for x amount of weeks and focus on one of those phases, then create a new program to focus on the next phase, that easy!

The key component is consistency, planning and improvement. If you follow the same routine with the same sets, reps and weights you may be fit and enjoy your workouts but eventually your body will plateau. It will stop changing because the workouts are too familiar to the muscles and therefore progress will halt and that’s the last thing anyone working their butt off wants to see!

Have questions about programming? Ask your favorite BA trainer for more info and they’d be happy to share!

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Summer Davidson
Summer Davidson
Dec 01, 2023

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Michael Findley
Michael Findley
Sep 27, 2023

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