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Body Architects


Interested in stepping up your game? 

Interested in being free from pain this season?



In August I went to San Diego and took a certification course run by Titleist Golf, in golf fitness, and now I am offering golf-specific training sessions for any golfers looking to fix aches and pains, and hit the ball further or more consistently! 


I offer one on one training sessions in which I put clients through a golf-specific fitness test that shows me how their body moves and where potential issues may arise. 

Golf Training .png

Starting Saturdays, I will be teaching a golf fitness class for anyone who wants to work on their mobility and strengthening in a group setting! 


Individual goals are always welcomed! My goals for the group are to give golfers the tools to move better, pain-free and play golf more enjoyably. 


All ranges of golfers are welcome from new golfers to seasoned vets! 


Let me know if you’ve got questions about anything and I can help out! 


Call us today if you want to learn more about the group class or one-on-one training. 

Or feel free to send us a message below. 


Thanks! Message sent.

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