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Probiotics: Feed the Creepy Crawlers

If you’d prefer not to improve your health in any of these categories, then don’t bother continue reading my friend:

  • Improved fat metabolism

  • Boost to your immune system

  • Decreased bloating

  • Improved consistency in the bathroom

  • Decreased chance for mental health disorders

My guess is that we all have something on this list we wouldn’t mind optimizing, and your answer to doing exactly this is simply to improve the health of the tiny bacteria in your body! If that last bit freaked you out to hear, it’s time that you learned that you do indeed have millions of tiny organisms in your body at any given time that can either be extremely beneficial, or extremely harmful to our bodies. So get over the fear of these little bugs crawling around inside of you and let’s move on to how we can make these guys feel as comfortable as possible.

One of our most valuable ways that we can improve the health of our microbiome and get these little critters working for us is by feeding them with probiotics. Most of us have heard about probiotics from yogurt and supplement companies, but it is important to understand that consuming probiotics from quality food sources can be far more beneficial.

Fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, natto, miso, kombucha, kefir, and tempeh are rich in probiotics and can bring about incredible benefits to the gut that stimulate a decrease in fasting glucose, a decrease in gut and liver inflammation, increases in metabolism, and improved digestion! If you don’t totally understand how these things link to the list above, let me simplify by telling you that it will help ALL of these areas.

Now the above list of foods aren’t exactly common on many of our grocery lists. While it is certainly worth adding them into the cart this week to reap their benefits, an easier food to optimize that most of us eat on a regular basis is yogurt. Time to upgrade your yogurt game and feel much better for it. Full-fat organic yogurt is the quality stuff you want in order to feed your beneficial bacteria and support a healthy microbiome!

Our stomach is known as the second brain and also serves as a primary component of your immune system. Boosting the effectiveness of this organ, and the surrounding intestines, to absorb quality nutrients and eliminate harmful toxins is your dummy-proof way to healthy living. Ensuring that your gut has all of the fuel and nutrients necessary for it to keep your body running optimally will bring you all of the benefits above, and more!

Love Coach Luc

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