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Setting up your day to kick *ss!

When your first workout in a long time is coming up or any workout for that matter! To set yourself up for not just an energy filled workout, but to kick *ss for the rest of your day, and truthfully every day, I want to share with you a key component to my morning routine.  COFFEE!! (If you have a distaste, or allergy to coffee, don't worry, I'll be adding a couple Matcha Tea recipes as well ;) I never used to drink coffee up until this past year or so - and wow - have I been missing out. I fell into the health and fitness way of thinking that it would do more harm then good. Well I’m here to tell you that the most current studies have shown coffee to not just help you peel your peepers open in the morning, but bombard your system with fantastic anti-oxidants and clinically proven to have some amazing benefits. For example, every eight-ounce cup per day reduces cardiovascular risk by up to 8% compared to folks who don’t drink coffee, three cups a day can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s, one cup a day gives an 11% lowered risk of developing diabetes, the cafestol and kahweol (which paper filters filter out, by the way, french press or pour over good alternatives) in coffee can provide significant protection against cancer .. the list go on.. Now here’s the coolest - we can supercharge our already amazing black coffee into a SUPER coffee! With a few ingredients we can take this already amazing cup of jo and add all sorts of performance and health enhancing properties.  Here’s my most often used Super Blend: ~ 6-9oz delicious black coffee (organic, free trade, espresso is my prefereance)

~ 1/2 tsp Maca powder (Widely used superfood with incredible health benefits - B Vitamins, trace minerals, fights fatigue, improves cognitive function, battles depression, detoxifies, skin benefits .. again, the list goes on) ~ 1 tsp Cacao powder (not just chocolatty goodness - more calcium than cow’s milk, natural mood elevator and anti-depressant, one of highest plant based source of iron, magnesium for healthy heart and brain, 40 times the antioxidants then blueberries .. list also goes on.. ~ 4-6 drops liquid Stevia - for taste if you like a little sweet like me (outside of Monk fruit, the only sweetener I’d ever recommend). ~ Few dashes of cinnamon (improves Insulin sensitivity - so can help regulate blood sugars, anti-inflammatory properties, helps fight bacterial and fungal infections, has been shown to have beneficial effects on neurodegenerative diseases) Put all ingredients into a blender and whip up your mood enhancing, energizing, performance boosting cup of deliciousness!! So there you have it .. my favourite SuperCoffee!!

Ryan Ellis

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